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What are Affirmations

Affirmations Explained

An affirmation is a positive present tense statement used to change a negative thought pattern into a positive one, which then helps you to steer your life in the directions you want to go.

What you focus on and think about will, one way or another, show up in your reality, so as you dwell on an undesired situation in life you are actually drawing more of the same to you.

We have habitual ways of thinking, so it’s a case of changing our though habits. This is where Affirmations help.

Every time you feel yourself go into a negative thought pattern, just simply stop, and repeat your chosen affirmation, with feeling, a good few times.

It strengthens the whole procedures if you:

  • Keep them somewhere where you will see them often - your desktop is ideal !
  • Write them down 10 times in the morning and ten times at night.
  • Repeat them to yourself as you wake up and fall asleep
  • Put a tune to them and sing them through out your day
  • Simple repeat the first line when not at your computer (if you cant remember the whole affirmation)
  • Don’t give up on them – it take 30 days to change a habit !

If you do keep this up for 30 days you can change your negative thought habits to positive ones which will be hugely beneficial to you.

Remember, however, you are changing though habits you have been living with for a good wee while, so Practice with Patient Persistence, don’t be hard on yourself if you forget about them, be light and have fun with it.

The affirmations I have included here are inspired by Louise Hay, and Abraham, so if you choose to use them then get ready for change, because believe you me - These Affirmations Work !!!