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A Note From Leona

A Note from Leona…

The Affirmations available here were inspired by
Louise Hay and Abraham……

And the background pictures created by myself with love and joy

Keeping your affirmation on your screen is a great way to keep reminding yourself to use it. Now, I know you won’t just be purchasing these wallpapers for the fun of it, you will genuinely want them to help in your own self development. So it’s important that you actually do use your new wallpaper affirmations,
in which case:

  • Every time you go into a negative thought pattern, simply stop, and repeat your affirmation.
  • Remember to repeat your affirmation a good few times whenever you see it
  • Say your affirmation with love knowing it to be true
  • Maybe even put a tune to it !
  • Have fun, don’t stress over them
  • Remember 30 days to change a habit – So practice with patient persistence !

Desktop icons are important; so there is room on each desktop wallpaper for your icons to be visible and not get lost in the design. The wallpapers are downloadbale as high quality JPEG images, and each has been designed specifically to the resolution sizes available. There may, however, be very slight differences in the picture you see here from the picture you purchase, but I promise you the differences will be very slight and what you do end up with as your chosen desktop wallpaper will be simply stunning !

The reason for all the butterflies?? Firstly, I love them, and you have to work with what you love! And secondly, they represent metamorphosis, reminding me that we can all choose to shed stress and allow the beautiful and joyful beings we really are to shine through. Where better for butterflies to flutter by than on your desk top wallpaper - that is of course if you don’t have them to hand in the garden, whispering affirmations in your ear!

I will be adding more and more designs over time for you to choose from. I am even thinking of adding functionality to the site so you will be able to type your own affirmations on the wallpapers ! Once you have purchased, you can give me your opinion on this (and other stuff too) by clicking some check boxes in a quick questionnaire.

Well, I wish you every success…

Have fun !