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I have included 7 different screen resolution sizes, which means according the latest statistics, I have covered 95% of all screen sizes !!!

If in the unlikely event you have a resolution that I have not included, choose a picture at a resolution nearest your own, for PC users we can make it fit your screen later, full details on how to do this will be on your personal download site after purchase.

Instructions for finding your screen resolution size for a PC
(Mac users instructions are below)

Put your curser on an empty part of your desktop and right click on your mouse.

Select properties:

Then settings:

Your screen resolution size will be the two numbers in the box named “screen resolution”, that I have circled here in red above. When you do this remember to take a note of the numbers so you don’t forget them. I don’t recommend changing any of the settings here unless you know what you are doing !

Instructions for Mac Users

I don’t own a Mac so I have not tested the instructions below ….
You can always let me know if they are correct !

Mac OS 8 or 9

You can find your screen resolution by clicking on the "Monitors and Sound" button, which you can see here below on the control strip with the red circle around it. Your screen resolution will be the one with the black dot on the left, be sure to jot down the numbers when you do this so you don’t forget them.

Mac OS X (10)

First click on the preferences button

Then click on the displays icon shown below.

Your resolution will be the one highlighted in grey, as show here below circled in red, remember to write down these numbers so you have them to hand.