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How do I choose an Affirmation

Choosing an Affirmation that is right for you

Making sure your affirmation is right for you and will help you achieve you goal is very important. Its no good using an affirmation like – "I Am A Millionaire" – if you don’t believe you deserve to be !!
It doesn’t work that way, if it did I am sure we would be all be very, very wealthy !! Usually the best affirmations to start with revolve around either, loving and respecting yourself, or forgiveness.

Let me show you what I mean:

Take few slow relaxing breaths right now, and then say to the deepest part of yourself:

I Love and Respect myself, I am a worthy and deserving being.

Now, if you feel even the faintest twang of disbelief anywhere with in you then you know that is where you need to start, and I would recommend 30 days of affirmations revolving around loving, respecting or forgiving yourself, before you go on to any others.

Once you start to see yourself as a worthy person, deserving love and respect, or you start with forgiving, most of the issues you were looking to resolve will gently begin to improve. Then you can move onto affirmations regarding other issues like your health or your income (if you still have any issues there by that time!).

Louise L Hay has an array of books on affirmations; you will find her on my links page.